• Market Cap: $289.67 B
  • 24h Vol: $54.04 B
  • BTC Dominance: 57.16%

XMC – CoinMetro Exchange start trading now


About Coinmetro-Exchange and its native token XCM.

What is XCM?

XCM is a utility token (ERC-20) and the native utililty token on the CoinMetro exchange platform.

Where can you buy XCM?

XCM is available to Buy,Sell and Trade on the CoinMetro exchange platform.

Advantages of XCM

  • Receiving low transaction fee of 0.075% for ICO buyers;
  • Offers a “HODL Bonus”, which will enable discounts of up to 25% – depending on the number of tokens a user keeps in their wallet.
  • Getting the earliest access to invest in future ICOs – as part of CoinMetro’s ICO Express platform.
  • Being granted access to future products and services, only available at CoinMetro.com .
  • Owning XCM tokens is that they allow you to exchange and trade on the CoinMetro trading platform.

CoinMetro Exchange Fee Structure

You are getting paid to trade.

  • Taker pays 0.1% Maker earns 0.05%
  • Taker pays 0.075% (discount rate) Maker earns 0.0375%

The Maker always receives 50% of the gross fee paid by the Taker.

Transaction Type Fees


Exchange Maker* Order

  • Exchange Taker** Order
  • Cryptocurrency Deposit
  • Cryptocurrency Withdrawal
  • EUR SEPA*** Deposit
    1.00 €
  • EUR SEPA Withdrawal
    1.00 €
  • Bank Card Deposit EU****
  • Bank Card Deposit Non-EU